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Testimonials - Peter Seidler Coaching



Peter’s coaching has helped me discover my strengths and structure my life in a way that takes full advantage of them, rather than fighting a constant, frustrating and losing battle to combat my weaknesses, as I had done before. He is a fantastic listener, a trusted resource, and a genuinely wise person.

Harit, U.S.A


Astute, intuitive, unflappable —Peter provided a sounding board, exercises and tools that helped me transform unhelpful thoughts and behaviors into increased awareness, curiosity and excitement about—and gratitude for the stuff of everyday life.

Janet, USA

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By far, this form of self-evaluation and work has exponentially helped me shift and improve my overall “life” to an extent deeper and more substantial than all other therapy and forms of self-exploration. Coaching with Peter is an active and exciting relationship based on ongoing self-realization.

Steve, U.S.A.


Peter’s work with me  has been transformational, a catalyst in helping me to develop confidence based on my own values. It has helped me re-wire my thinking to see possibilities and to set goals for myself. This work has helped me build a relationship with the attitude and energy I need to live a healthy, happier life in which I can fulfill my duties with confidence.

Bryce, Thailand


For the last two months, under the influence of Life Coaching and Peter Seidler’s direction and kind guidance, I have positively shifted several parts in my life. Balance is being restored to my existence in my family, work and spiritual world. I have a greater sense of confidence and joy.

Richard, Israel


I like the part where it’s all about me. I’m now more relaxed and am able to speak the truth.

Janice, Germany


Who would have imagined an intelligent, dedicated, spiritual coach would help me learn life’s most important questions? With a suggestion and clarifications he reminds me how to make conscious choices based in MY life values. In this way, I begin to consider the big picture, and aspects that make it meaningful.

Alex, Brazil


Peter’s guidance and my hard work already are paying off: I’m feeling more confident because my choices reflect my true values. Higher quality and better paying jobs are pouring in, men of a different calibre are asking me out, my relationship with family is deepened, my relationship with myself is enriched, and I’m pursuing goals I’ve defined, in exercises Peter’s given me, with conscious clarity.

Hildy U.S.A.


This is valuable and has potential to help unlock a fixed perspective that keeps us from optimum performance.

Pat, Indonesia


Even more valuable than being helped through particulars I brought to the coaching work, is a re-alignment of how I approach problem solving on a fundamental level. This is a valuable tool.

Christopher, Thailand


It is joyful to work with someone as compassionate as Peter. Compassion with firmness fully on your side. He is constantly mindful, not of how others hold you accountable but, of how you are accountable to yourself and your choices. I’ve started work with Peter I know I’ll use for a lifetime because in it, I found the lifetime I want.

Raphael, U.S.A.


I find the process amazing. I’ve seen things I just didn’t see before. I’ve been just half alive, missing joy in my life and I did not know that. The coaching has drawn out of me something I didn’t see. This is an invaluable source of help even for those of us well versed in dharma studies.

James, U.S.A.


Our minds can be a tremendous ally in the unfolding of life’s possibilities in the present moment. Peter reminded me how to shine a light on my dream life while eviscerating extraneous doubt. I regained appreciation for my life and changed the trajectory toward growth and joy. Best of all, Peter empowered me by showing me how to be my own coach when I need it most.

Marc, U.S.A


A lot of coaching follows a prescribed path and fits neatly into spreadsheets and action plans. Peter creates a much more creative and organic environment where you don’t find yourself having to fit a particular “system” and where you can not only begin to articulate a purpose but you end up facing all the aspects of your life on purpose and with a great deal of purpose.

Lauren, U.S.A

Opened My Eyes

Talking to Peter has helped me understand my own feelings and opened my eyes to a different way of being in the world.

Aubriana, Brazil

Peter Seidler, CPCC, PCC is a certified professional Coach who helps clients gain clarity on what they most want and create a course of action that aligns with their values and builds on their strengths.

Peter partners with clients to enable them to expand beyond current limitations, helping them become stronger, more alive human beings. He helps clients access energy and creativity to find balance in their lives and greater fulfillment.