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Applied Mindfulness Panel - Peter Seidler Coaching

Mindfulness is receiving increased recognition in various domains including education, society and health. Applied mindfulness has demonstrated reduction in stress, increased concentration, better performance and successful relationships.

Over stimulation in daily life results in stress. We will ask if mindfulness can help. This panel will look at how mindfulness applies to human wellbeing and asks:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • How does mindfulness provide an antidote to stress?
  • What examples do we already have that we can learn from?


Alun Cooper

Head of School, Prem Tinsulanonda International School

Laurence Gilliot

Transformational Retreat Lead, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Group Facilitator

Borys Maciburko

Drama Teacher & Certified .b Mindfulness Teacher

Peter Seidler

Innovation Advisor, Life & Executive Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Lynda Rolph (Moderator) President, Traidhos Three Generation Community Learning