Life on Purpose

“A lot of coaching follows a prescribed path and fits neatly into spreadsheets and action plans. Peter creates a much more creative and organic environment where you don’t find yourself having to fit a particular “system” and where you can begin to articulate a purpose and embrace your life on purpose.”   Virginia, USA

Discover Strengths

“Peter’s coaching has helped me discover my strengths and structure life in a way that takes full advantage of them, rather than fighting a constant, frustrating and losing battle to combat my weaknesses. He’s a fantastic listener, a trusted resource, and a genuinely wise person.”   Harit, USA

More Confident

“I’m feeling more confident because my choices reflect my true values. Higher quality jobs are pouring in. My relationship with family is deepening, my relationship with myself is enriched, and I’m pursuing goals that I’ve defined.”   Alex, Brazil

Greater Aliveness

“If you need a kick start or perfect pair of jumper cables, Peter Seidler is your man! I feel alive, productive and eager. The work I did with Peter was potent and helped me do things I’ve been putting off for a long time. I am extremely grateful.”   Renee, Germany

Exponential Shift

“By far, this form of self-evaluation and work has exponentially helped me shift and improve my overall “life” to an extent deeper and more substantial than all other therapy and forms of self-exploration. Coaching with Peter Seidler is active and exciting.”   Richard, USA

Engaged With Life

“I cannot recommend Peter highly enough. It’s as if we lassoed aspects of life — health, relationship, family, career, friendship, financial, etc. — together, to move forward as one. It’s an incredible feeling to be held accountable for my goals, and to have a witness achieving them.”   Patricia, Indonesia

Personal Growth

“With Peter’s expert guidance, I identified my true beliefs and strengths. Each call restored my confidence, noticeable to close friends, colleagues and family. My initial skepticism was quickly replaced by eagerness to work with Peter and open to personal growth.”   Darren, Thailand


“Peter’s guidance and my hard work are paying off. I’m feeling more confident as my choices reflect my true values. Higher quality and better paying jobs are pouring in, my relationship with family is deepened, and I’m pursuing goals I’ve defined, in exercises Peter’s given me, with conscious clarity.”  Hildy U.S.A.


Peter Seidler joins APAC in their vision to “bring the power and value of coaching to make it widely accessible to every workplace and home through Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches.” (APAC) is an alliance of coaches in the Asia Pacific region.


Finding Balance with Life & Professional Coach Peter Seidler

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Peter Seidler, CPCC, PCC is a certified professional Coach who helps clients gain clarity on what they most want and create a course of action that aligns with their values and builds on their strengths. Peter partners with clients to enable them to expand beyond current limitations, helping them become stronger, more alive human beings. He helps clients access energy and creativity to find balance in their lives and greater fulfillment.