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Life on Purpose

A lot of coaching follows a prescribed path. Peter creates a more creative environment, you don’t have to fit a system and can articulate and embrace life on purpose.  Virginia, USA

Discover Strengths

Peter’s coaching has helped me discover my strengths and structure life to leverage them. He’s a fantastic listener, a trusted resource, and a genuinely wise person.  Harit, USA

More Confident

I’m feeling more confident as my choices reflect my true values. Higher quality jobs are pouring in and my relationship with family is deepening while I pursue my goals.  Alex, Brazil

Opened My Eyes

Talking to Peter has helped me understand my own feelings and opened my eyes to a different way of being in the world.  Aubriana, Brazil


If you need a kick start, Peter Seidler is your man. I feel alive and productive. The potent work I did with Peter has helped me do things I’ve been putting off.  Renee, Germany

Exponential Shift

By far, this form has exponentially improved life to an extent greater than other therapy and forms of self-exploration. Coaching with Peter Seidler is exciting.  Richard, USA

Engaged With Life

I cannot recommend Peter highly enough. We brought together aspects of life; health, relationship, career, friendship, financial, to move forward as one.   Patricia, Indonesia

Personal Growth

With Peter’s expert guidance, I identified true beliefs and strengths. Each call restored confidence, noticeable to friends and colleagues.  Darren, Thailand


Coaching is committed to creating change in human consciousness. Coaching focuses at the level of core identity – who people are and how they perceive and interact with their world. People long to evolve as human beings and continually grow towards more aware and integrated ways of being in the world.


Coaching is a process that assumes the client is resourceful, naturally creative and whole. It helps people identify and achieve personal goals. We assist clients by using a variety of tools and techniques and draw inspiration from disciplines such as sociology, psychology, positive adult development.


Peter Seidler holds CTI’s prestigious Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). He is also certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by International Coaching Federation (ICF). Peter is affiliated with the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC), and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s OPM program. More here.

Coaching Statistics

Research by the ICF has determined that businesses that offer coaching services to employees have been shown to regain a 300% return on investment and demonstrate the following gains.

  • Improvement in Relationships 77%
  • Improvement in Teamwork 67%
  • Improvement in Job Satisfaction 61%
  • Improvement in Quality 48%

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Arrange a call to explore one-on-one coaching. The call is free and confidential.


Peter Seidler, CPCC, PCC is a certified professional Coach who helps clients gain clarity on what they most want and create a course of action that aligns with their values and builds on their strengths.

Peter partners with clients to enable them to expand beyond current limitations, helping them become stronger, more alive human beings. He helps clients access energy and creativity to find balance in their lives and greater fulfillment.